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New York Giants' news, 6/26: More evidence Leach is Miami-bound

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the New York Giants are unlikely to land free-agent fullback Vonta Leach.

Vonta Leach appears headed to Miami. Why wouldn't he go there?
Vonta Leach appears headed to Miami. Why wouldn't he go there?
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An ocean-side good morning to you, New York Giants' fans! Yours truly is enjoying a couple of days in Cape Cod, but still making sure that you are up to date on what is going on around the Giants.

Vonta Leach’s agent: I think it will be the Dolphins | ProFootballTalk
Fullback Vonta Leach hasn’t suffered from a lack of interest since the Ravens released him, but no one has made him an offer so compelling that he’s decided to shut down talks and sign on the dotted line. When he does get to that point, his agent Ralph Vitolo believes he knows what team will be waiting to hand him a jersey with his name on the back.

The Texans, Giants and Ravens have all been in the mix for Leach’s services, but Vitolo thinks Leach will be enjoying life in Miami during the 2013 season.

"I think so. I hope so. It’s the right place to be. We’re trying to crunch the numbers," Vitolo said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

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