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Vonta Leach Rumors: 'Major upset' if he doesn't land in Miami

ESPN's Adam Schefter is saying it will be a 'major upset' if free-agent fullback Vonta Leach does not eventually end up with the Miami Dolphins.

Vonta Leach
Vonta Leach

No matter how strong their interest might or might not be in All-Pro free-agent fullback Vonta Leach, released recently by the Baltimore Ravens, it has never seemed likely that Leach would wind up with the New York Giants. A Monday night tweet from ESPN's Adam Schefter seems to confirm as much:

Earlier today, Leach told Sirius XM NFL Radio the Giants contacted his agent almost immediately after he was released by the Baltimore Ravens. As we have also reported previously, the Giants have only $3.3 million in salary cap space, while the Dolphins have $17 million.

Giants' fullback Henry Hynoski underwent surgery May 24 to repair an ACL injury and a chip fracture of the lateral plateau. Hynoski, in his only public statement about the injury, said returning for the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys Sept. 8 "is not an unrealistic goal."

In a story about the Giants' interest in Leach, the Newark Star-Ledger speculated that Hynoski could begin the regular season on the PUP list, meaning he would be forced to miss at least the first six weeks of the season.

Whether that turns out to be the case or not -- the Giants have released no information and the Star-Ledger did not back its speculation with even so much as an unnamed source -- the interest in Leach confirms, as we have been saying, that the Giants appear concerned that Hynoski won't be ready when the season begins.

Leach, 31, is arguably the league's best fullback. He's paved holes for some of the league's top rushers on an annual basis, including most recently Ray Rice. Last season, he carried the ball 21 times for 67 yards and a touchdown, in addition to 36 receptions for 212 yards.

-- Sam Speigelman contributed to this report