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Giants Roster Breakdown: David Carr

David Carr has been the backup quarterback for Eli Manning in four of the past five seasons. Will that continue in 2013?

David Carr
David Carr
Jim Rogash

As we continue our look at the 90-man roster the New York Giants will bring to training camp we turn our attention to backup quarterback David Carr. Entering his 12th NFL season Carr is actually one of the more interesting Giants in terms of how the roster is shaped.

2012 Season In Review

Carr played in only two games, completing 2-of-3 passes for 19 yards. That is more action than he saw in 2011, when he did not play at all while backing up Eli Manning. Carr has been Manning's backup four of the past five seasons and has completed 32-of-48 passes for 359 yards and three touchdowns during those seasons.

2013 Outlook

Carr returned to the Giants after testing free agency to see if any teams would allow him to compete for their starting job, and finding no takers. To be honest, it would really stink to be in Carr's position right now. If Manning and rookie fourth-round draft pick Ryan Nassib are healthy, and the Giants choose to keep only two quarterbacks, Carr is the odd man out. If they choose to keep three -- which will be determined by Nassib's play and roster needs elsewhere -- Carr stays. There is really nothing Carr can do on the field, positively or negatively, that will really affect that decision. Carr's fate will be determined by how the Giants feel about other people, and no matter how well he handles it that really is not a great spot to be in.