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Future Power Rankings: ESPN puts Giants 7th

ESPN has looked into its crystal ball using a variety of categories to determine how well each NFL franchise is set up for the next few years. The Giants fare well in the rankings

How long will tom Coughlin coach?
How long will tom Coughlin coach?

Of all of the teams in the NFC East the New York Giants are set up best for the future. At least, that is, according to the NFL Future Power Rankings (Insider only) compiled recently by a panel of ESPN analysts.

ESPN's panel ranked the Giants seventh out of the NFL's 32 teams looking ahead to 2016. The Washington Redskins ranked 16th, the Philadelphia Eagles 17th and the Dallas Cowboys 24th.

These are not power rankings heading into 2013, rather a look at how well each franchise is set up for the future. ESPN used the following categories -- roster, quarterback, draft, front office, coaching.

One of the reasons the Giants rank so highly? Former NFL GM and current ESPN analyst Bill Polian calls them "one of the best managed and coached teams in the league."

The six teams above the Giants? In order, they are: San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons.

At the bottom of the list? The New York Jets.

Thoughts, Giants' fans?