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Giants Roster Breakdown: Prince Amukamara

Can Prince Amukamara make the leap from good NFL cornerback to game-changing shut down corner matched up against the opposition's best wide receiver? That's what his third season in the NFL might show us.


The second player we will feature in our breakdown of the entire 90-man roster for the New York Giants is third-year cornerback Prince Amukamara. We featured Amukamara over the weekend and we know his goals are to become "the number one corner on this team" and eventually "the number one corner in the whole league."

Can he get there? Let's take a brief look.

2012 Season In Review

Amukamara played well in 2012, establishing that he is at least a capable starting cornerback in the NFL and despite his deference to Corey Webster showing that he is the best cornerback the Giants have. Quarterbacks had only a 74.5 passer rating while targeting Amukamara 63 times in 13 games. He missed three games with leg injuries after playing only nine games as a rookie due to a broken foot. Overall, though, Amukamara's Pro Football Focus grade was a pedestrian +0.5.

Amukamara had seven passes defensed, and 25 cornerbacks had more. He also had only interception.

[Giants expecting better play out of Amukamara -]

2013 Outlook

Amukamara should take another step forward, and it would be in the Giants' best interest to begin giving Amukamara the responsibility for covering the opposition's best receiver. Can that step forward take the 2011 first-round pick (19th overall) all the way to stardom? I don't know. Amukamara seems to have the physical skills to be a top flight corner. Does he have the swag, the attitude, the confidence to be a dominant shut down corner? Can he increase the number of turnovers he generates?

Those are the things we will find out.