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That's a wrap! Coughlin discusses end of offseason program

The New York Giants ended their mandatory mini-camp on Thursday. Here are some of Tom Coughlin's thoughts as the team breaks until training camp.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin

Mini-camp has ended for the New York Giants, and they won't be back together until July 26 when they report to the Timex Performance Center for training camp. Here were some of head coach Tom Coughlin's thoughts Thursday after the final practice of the three-day mini-camp.

On the play of the linebackers:

"They actually had a good spring. And the good thing about them, they are very unselfish. They work hard; they study hard. If I called for a one hour meeting, those guys were probably going to meet for an hour and a half to two. It is just the way that group is. hey have been good. So we’ll see. I have seen some growth and I have seen a lot of good things happen out here. They are going to have to. It’s going to have to happen."

On the right tackle competition:

"I feel good about watching (David) Diehl come back and practice well. I feel good about the young kid coming here and showing us the kind of natural skill and ability that he has. We have some other guys that have performed at that spot, and have done a decent job. So I’m okay with that. We get into the kind of situation they are cast into - not even shells on – and it is not an easy thing, obviously, working against the defensive front and so on and so forth. So you can’t always make real good observations about that – or judgments. But let’s see what happens when we get back and get the pads on."

On the offseason program:

"The positives are that we had a chance to work with – again get everyone back together after three and a half months and go through a regimented program – all voluntary – in which everyone was here with the exception of two guys. And make some progress; a lot of these young players have made good progress. I have seen good progress with our veterans. I’m talking about basically (Chris) Snee and (David) Baas and guys that have had surgeries and that are coming back strong. So those are very positive."

On the progress of the rookies:

"Well, there is a lot to learn.The more you throw at them, the more difficult it is for them. They work at it, now. They have been a good group that way. So I don’t have any complaints about how they work. It is just that it is new. The language is new; lots of things being different. You have to understand pro football is cumulative. You have to be one of those guys that can retain information and use it in the same sequence again the next time that situation arises. They haven’t had enough yet."

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