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New York Giants' Mini-Camp: Day 2 open thread

Use this as an open thread for today's New York Giants mini-camp.

Hakeem Nicks enjoys Tuesday's practice
Hakeem Nicks enjoys Tuesday's practice

Here is your Day 2 New York Giants' mini-camp open thread.

Hakeem Nicks is here. Victor Cruz is not. Tom Coughlin is happy and annoyed at the same time. Jason Pierre-Paul and Henry Hynoski are still hurt. Vonta Leach is still not a Giant, and most likely will not be one. Practice is set for late this afternoon.

As I did on Tuesday I will be tweeting @bigblueview, and you can follow my camp tweets at #bbvcamp either here or on Twitter.

We have open locker room at 11 a.m. ET. With luck, I can snag a couple of interviews for you then.