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Saturday 6/1 Open Thread

Streeter Lecka

Not much going on in the football world, but there sure is a lot going on around the sports world today. Use this as an Open Thread to discuss whatever you like in the world of sports.

  • Maybe you want to talk NBA Playoffs. The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers meet tonight in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, with the Heat leading 3-2. The San Antonio Spurs await in the finals.
  • The Conference Finals begin today in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Chicago Blackhawks meet the Los Angeles Kings in one series, while the Boston Bruins meet the Pittsburgh Penguins in the other.
  • Maybe you want to talk baseball. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are renewing their rivalry this weekend.
  • French Open? Golf? The mess at Rutgers University? The NFL future, or lack thereof, of Tim Tebow?

Whatever you want to talk about in the world of sports the floor is yours.