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Debate: Former New York Giants players who should be Hall of Famers

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Other than Michael Strahan are there any other former New York Giants who should be in the NFL Hall of Fame?

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Former New York Giants head coach Bill Parcells has been officially added to the wall at the Timex Performing Center as the latest Giant legend to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Parcells was voted into the Hall of Fame this year after being snubbed in 2012.

Let's debate. What other former Giants deserve a spot in the Hall?

The most recent argument has been for Michael Strahan, and rightfully so. Some felt he was snubbed this year, but there's no doubt in my mind he'll be voted in next year. So in that case it's not really an argument of whether or not he'll get in because he will.

Trying to come up with a list is no easy task. You can make an argument for Phil Simms. Simms has two Super Bowls (XXI and XXV) along with a Super Bowl XXI MVP award in his NFL career. He's a 2x Pro Bowler and his No. 11 jersey is retired in the Giants franchise.

Simms still holds the Giants franchise record for career passing yards with 33,462. Simms had 199 career touchdown passes which was the franchise lead until Eli Manning passed him up in 2012. Manning now has 211.

Simms doesn't have eye-popping numbers, but I always thought the success in his career was Hall of Fame worthy.

Tell us what you think. What other former Giants players belong in the NFL Hall of Fame besides Strahan? Are there any that are deserving?

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