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Justin Tuck had some fun at the Knicks game on Friday
Justin Tuck had some fun at the Knicks game on Friday
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Not much out there today in the way of New York Giants news. In fact, there is really nothing at all. Rookie mini-camp is a few days away and the Giants, as you know, are not a headline-grabbing organization.

So, today the floor is yours. Use it to continue discussing Kelsey's post on whether or not the Giants should bring in running back Tim Hightower. Keep re-hashing the NFL Draft if you need to. Talk about news from around the NFL if you like. Talk NBA Playoffs, where the New York Knicks are moving on while the Brooklyn Nets have begun their offseason. What about baseball, where the New York Yankees are somehow winning a lot of games despite using a roster filled with AAA players and washed-up retreads. Anyone with thoughts on the Kentucky Derby?

If you have Giants questions for me, please e-mail them to I will get a mailbag post together as soon as I get a few questions.