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Dallas Cowboys draft board leaked: Where Giants' picks ranked

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SB Nation's Cowboys blog manages to reconstruct the Dallas draft board.

Jerry Jones can't be happy about his team's draft board leaking out.
Jerry Jones can't be happy about his team's draft board leaking out.

Our friends at SB Nation's Dalls Cowboys web site Blogging The Boys have managed to cull together a look at the Cowboys draft board, using screen shots from video taken inside the Cowboys war room. Here is a look at one of those screen shots, followed by info on where the players selected by the New York Giants were on the Dallas draft board.



BTB was able to construct the board through about five full rounds. Let's look at where players the Giants selected were placed by the Cowboys.

Round 1, Justin Pugh, OL (19th overall) -- Dallas had Pugh in its second round, misleading because the Cowboys picked 18th and their board thus had only 18 firt-round players listed. Pugh is 22nd overall on the Dallas board.

Round 2, Johnathan Hankins, DT (49th overall) -- Hankins is nowhere to be found on the Cowboys board, as he was apparently considered a bad fit for the Dallas defensive scheme.

Round 3, Damontre Moore, DE (81st overall) -- Moore was in Dallas's third round, 68th overall. So, by the Cowboys board the young defensive end would be considered great value.

Round 4, Ryan Nassib, QB (110th overall) -- Dallas had Nassib ranked 28th overall, two spots ahead of Matt Barkley, taken ahead of Nassib by the Philadelphia Eagles. Again, great value by this measure.

That is as far as the board BTB reconstructed went. It's interesting, plus I'm sure you will have fun picking on Jones and the Cowboys for having this information reach the Inter-Google.