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Thursday OTA Open Thread

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Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin

The New York Giants take the field Thursday for their latest OTA at 10:50 a.m. ET. There is media access today, which means reporters get to watch practice and talk to players in the locker room.

Yours truly is not in attendance as I still can't travel following my surgery. Use this as open thread, however, and I will try to update with any interesting or noteworthy tweets during the practice. Much more later when interview transcripts are made available.

[10:45 AM EDT: Here is your first update]

[Update 10:58 AM EDT] Now we know who the Giants let go to add Chase Clement and Kyle Bosworth to their roster.

[Update 11:14 AM EDT]

[Updtae 11:34 AM EDT] A couple more notable absences from the voluntary workouts.

[Update 11:45 AM EDT] More OTA news.

[Update 12:05 PM EDT]Well, couldn't get through the day without some type of an injury. Of course.

[Update 12:09 PM EDT] Some good news.