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Big Blue View Mailbag: Defense, right tackle among concerns

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The state of the defense and the competition at right tackle are addressed in this edition of the Big Blue View Mailbag.

Mathias Kiwanuka
Mathias Kiwanuka

It's time for the latest edition of the 'Big Blue View Mailbag.' I received a couple of worthwhile questions recently, so here we do.

'Week Old Tuna' asks:

I was wondering if you have thought about a write up of tweener positions/players. Looking at the roster there's a couple of guys that are taking on mixed roles on defense. LB/DE (Kiwi, Moore), Safety/LB (Williams/Cooper/Hill), and also Rolle on slot/safety. How do you see the defense taking shape? What sets or schemes seem to be possible? How will this impact the roster?

Ed says: I think it's way too early to answer some of those questions. It seems like the Giants are looking at Mathias Kiwanuka as primarily, or maybe even entirely, a defensive end right now. That's something I know many around here will celebrate. Early indications are Damontre Moore could be moved around a bit. As for the safety/hybrid types Will Hill is probably first on the list, with Cooper Taylor and maybe even Terrell Thomas. It's not a secret that you will see the three-safety look and maybe even some six-defensive back sets with one linebacker -- more and more NFL teams are doing that. As for the roster it wouldn't shock me if the Giants carry one fewer true linebacker than they traditionally might.

Via Twitter, Dave Bryant recently asked:

Do you think [James] Brewer wins the RT job?

Ed says: Ultimately, no. Right now I'm not even sure Brewer is in the mix for that job. With Chris Snee likely out until training camp Brewer reportedly has been working in Snee's spot at right guard. That might indicate that the Giants see him as a guard and perhaps ultimately as a replacement for Kevin Boothe. That, however, is speculation on my part. With first-round pick Justin Pugh working currently at right tackle it seems like that spot comes down to Pugh or David Diehl.

NOTE: Send your mailbag questions to or via Twitter to @bigblueview. Throughout the offseason I wouldn't mind doing a couple of these per week.