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Touring The Nation: NFL News, SB Nation-Style

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Touring_sbnation_468_medium NFIt's a lazy Friday afternoon. Let's use the time to look around SB Nation at some of the work being done in other places. This is a little fature I always call 'Touring The Nation.

Cowboys Source: "Probably the most successful draft we’ve had in a while" - Blogging The Boys
The discussion about whether the Cowboys reached in the first round, or whether they went "off board" has dominated the assessment of this year's draft class. But on a pick-by-pick basis, the Cowboys appear pleased with their haul.

My Junior Seau Story - Bolts From The Blue
Nick Shepherd shares his story of meeting Junior Seau on the golf course as a 8-year-old, and having milkshakes with the former Chargers Linebacker.

Sanchez Considers Himself Franchise Quarterback - Gang Green Nation
The Jets locker room was open to the media for the first time today, and there were some noteworthy quotes to be had.

Andy Reid: Branden Albert at left tackle, Eric Fisher at right tackle - Arrowhead Pride
Where will Branden Albert and Eric Fisher play in 2013? On the left and right side respectively, according to Andy Reid. That's if Albert is on the roster.

Broncos 'way better team' in 2013 even with loss of Elvis Dumervil, Von Miller says -
The star linebacker said that even though Elvis Dumervil is gone, the Denver Broncos have a "way better team" right now than they had last season.

2013 NFL Draft: The system quarterback problem hasn't been solved after all -
Advances in college offenses have begun trickling to the pros, but they still make life very difficult for NFL general managers when evaluating quarterbacks.