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Breaking News: 2014 NFL Draft to be be May 8-10

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The NFL has made it official -- the 2014 NFL Draft will be held two weeks later next year.


The 2014 NFL Draft will be held May 8-10 at Radio City Music Hall, the league announced Tuesday morning. That is two weeks later than the draft was held this season, with the league stating that the reason is a scheduling conflict with Radio City Music Hall.

The league year and free agency will begin March 11, with the annual scouting combine to be held Feb. 18-25. The NFL had considered finding an alternate site, but the draft will stay at Radio City for now.

In making the announcement the NFL said:

The change in the date of the 2014 Draft will have no effect on when rookies may begin to report to their clubs, the dates of off-season programs, or the length of off-season programs. Clubs will have available to them the same number of practice days that they currently have and no changes in the off-season calendar are being considered that would reduce the number of practice days or the overall length of the off-season program. At this time, changes are not anticipated in the off-season calendar for 2015 and beyond that would reduce the number of practice days or otherwise limit the off-season program.

So, two extra weeks for mock draft madness next year. Love it or hate it, draftniks?

One interesting thing to watch is how this change will impact rookie mini-camps around the NFL. As Pat Traina already pointed out, the draft is now being held the weekend the Giants would normally hold rookie mini-camp. The Giants and other NFL teams could possibly squeeze them in immediately following the draft, which seems the only way they will get done as any later would conflict with the OTAs as currently scheduled.