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Saturday 5/25 Open Thread

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Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees
Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees
Jim McIsaac

It is a rainy Saturday (just like it was a rainy Friday) here in upstate New York. Use this as an open thread to discuss pretty much whatever is on your mind in the world of sports.

  • Maybe you want to disucss the latest New York Yankees injury, another broken bone for Curtis Granderson caused by a hit-by-pitch.
  • Maybe you're a York York Mets fan, though why I don't know, and you want to discuss whatever Mets fans discuss.
  • Maybe you are a New York Rangers fan hoping they can once again stave off playoff elimination later today.
  • Maybe, like I am, you are enjoying watching the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers slug it out in the NBA playoffs and you want to chat about that.

Feel free to chat about whatever is on your mind when it comes to the world of sports. Oh, and enjoy the rain.