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OTA Preview: New York Giants hit the field

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A look at what to expect -- and not expect -- during OTAs.

How will Ryan Nassib (9) and the rest of the rookies fare during OTAs?
How will Ryan Nassib (9) and the rest of the rookies fare during OTAs?

The New York Giants hit the Timex Performance Center field at 10:50 a.m. ET Wednesday for their first of two on-field sessions during the latest phase of offseason team activities. The second on-field practice will be Thursday.

It seems extremely unlikely Victor Cruz will be attending the workouts. The wide receiver still has not signed a contract, either his restricted free agency tender or a new long-term deal.

It would also seem unlikely that rehabbing veterans like Chris Snee, Hakeem Nicks, David Baas, David Diehl and Terrell Thomas will spend much, if any, time on the field. Don't panic over such absences -- they aren't a concern. Missing time in training camp is a different story, but not now.

Now that we haven't gotten what you probably won't see out of the way, here are a few things I am looking forward to finding out over the next couple of days.

What's the deal at right tackle? I am interested in finding out the distribution of snaps at right tackle, especially if Diehl does not practice. Will first-round pick Justin Pugh or third-year player James Brewer see more snaps? Let's be real -- no decision on who will start there is going to me made in May, but you might get an indication how wide open the competition really is.

The rest of the rookies. How wll quarterback Ryan Nassib look? How will the Giants employ Damontre Moore? Will Cooper Taylor or any of the other draftees flash? Will any of the undrafted free agents make themselves noticed?

The linebackers. I expect to see Jacquian Williams, Dan Connor and Keith Rivers line up as the starters. Will Mathias Kiwanuka be working with this group, or exclusively at defensive end? What will the reports be on how well Aaron Curry is moving around?

Terrell Thomas. If he does practice, will it be with the cornerbacks or the safeties? A move to safety for the oft-injured Thomas has been discussed, but not announced. If he can stay healthy it will be interesting to see that play out.

NOTE: Unfortunately, I won't be in attendance at the Timex for either of the workouts the next couple of days. Post-surgery that type of travel is still out of the question for me. I will, however, be monitoring Twitter for updates (follow @bigblueview) and using the transcripts supplied by the Giants to bring you as much information as I can.