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New York Giants' news, 5/22: OTAs today, and much more

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Lots of news items today as the New York Giants prepare for some on-field work as the next phase of OTAs begins.

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Good morning, New York Giants' fans! The Giants hit the field Wednesday for the first of two days of on-field work during the next phase of OTAs. Here are your links while you wait to hear more about that.

Steve Tisch: Victor Cruz will 'be a Giant'

"We're talking. (Cruz's agent) Tom Condon is talking to (Giants general manager) Jerry (Reese) and I'm personally confident that Victor wants to be a Giant, will be a Giant," Tisch said on his way into the NFL spring meeting. "He's a great guy. It's just taking its time."

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck has turned to motivational speaker Tony Robbins for help - ESPN New York
How is Justin Tuck preparing for 2013? Walking on hot coals, for starters.

NFL draft shouldn't be moved, despite increased hype it will bring - NFL - Peter King -

Charles Woodson officially a Raider once again - Silver And Black Pride

Hakeem Nicks feeling good about himself ... and Victor Cruz!

Stapleton: Giants will not rush Hakeem Nicks : page all -
Receiver has much on the line in contract year..

Eagles playing it safe with safety Phillips
Former Giants safety Kenny Phillips is being allowed to ease his way in with the Eagles after knee issues set him back last year.

NFL considers moving draft out of New York

Nicks ready to be a leader | New York Daily News

OTA Preview

Reilly: My top 20 NFL coaches - ESPN

Tisch on XLVIII weather: 'It could be great' - Giants Blog - ESPN New York

"I would like a cold, blue sky, great, sort of beautiful New York/New Jersey evening," Tisch said. "I think it could be great."

Yet that sort of weather is far from a sure bet in February, and Tisch noted that other owners with teams in cold-weather cities will be closely watching how New York handles Super Bowl XLVIII.

"I think we're going to be ready for any contingency," Tisch said. "The one thing that I think would hurt us is a serious midweek blizzard."