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POLL: Will Giants be over or under 9 wins for 2013?

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Las Vegas oddsmakers seem to think the Giants will hit the nine-victory mark again in 2013, setting that as the over/under for the upcoming season.


The New York Giants went 9-7 in 2011 and went on to win the Super Bowl. They went 9-7 in 2012 and went home early, missing the playoffs.

Well, it seems that the Giants and the nine-win mark are so synonymous that, heading into the 2013 NFL season, Las Vegas oddsmakers are simply stuck on that number when it comes to predicting how many games the Giants will win next season.

Joe Fortenbaugh of the National Football Post recently looked at the early 2013 win totals odds coming from bookmakers. All three sports books that have come out with win totals to date have placed the Giants over/under at nine.

I am not going to go through the schedule game by game and try to figure out which games the Giants "should" win. That is pointless as we have no idea what teams will look like at any given point during the season. If you want to peruse the schedule and try to figure that yourself, go right ahead.

As of today, would you take the over or under at nine wins?