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Sunday 5/19 Open Thread

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Andy Lyons

It's a slow Sunday, at least football-wise. So here is an Open Thread for your enjoyment today. Chat about whatever you like in the world of sports.

The New York Knicks are done, having been ousted in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semi-finals by the Indiana Pacers. Commiserate with Knicks fans at Posting and Toasting.

The New York Yankees keep winning games despite fielding a roster of non-descript journeymen and young players. It really has been amazing, and fun to watch. Pinstriped Bible is your place for Yankees talk.

Bummed that Saturday's Preakness Stakes victory by Oxbow means there once again will not be a Triple Crown winner in horse racing? Visit And Down The Stretch They Come for full coverage of that.

Are you a New York Rangers fan? The Blueshirts trail the Boston Bruins in their playoff series with Game 2 this afternoon in Boston. See Blueshirt Banter for full Rangers coverage.