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Follow the newest members of the New York Giants on Twitter

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Here are the Twitter accounts for many of the newest New York giants.


As the rookies are settling in and competing for positions on the field, and can follow them through their rookies days through social media. Here is a list of Twitter accounts you can follow of the newest members of Big Blue.

Justin Pugh - @JustinPugh67

Johnathan Hankins - @BigTimeHank

Eric Herman - @Hermans_House

Charles James - @ShutDownCB1

Damontre' Moore - @tmoore94

Jake Muasau - @jake_da_uce

Ryan Nassib - @Ryan_Nassib

Morgan Newton - @monewt12

Etienne Sabino - @bino6

Jeremy Wright - @28RMSA

Alonzo Tweedy's account is protected. You can find his Twitter account @28ALLwildWITit

You can follow Kelsey O'Donnell on Twitter @KelsODonnell