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Kevin Gilbride talks receivers, rookies

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New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride spoke to reporters during rookie mini-camp.

Kevin Gilbride (right) talks to Ryan Nassib (9)
Kevin Gilbride (right) talks to Ryan Nassib (9)

New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride spoke to the assembled media after the first day of the team's rookie mini-camp last week. A lot of what Gilbride spoke about has not been referenced here at Big Blue View, so let's quickly touch on Gilbride's remarks.

On rookie quarterback Ryan Nassib:

"First day out he did a pretty good job of mastering just the nomenclature, the terminology. He didn't seem overly confused by what we're trying to do. There's so much thinking going on. It's hard to execute at a level that I'm sure we're going to see down the road, but really for the first day, he did pretty good."

On third-year wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan:

"I think it’s about time that he steps up and I think we feel he has enough ability and he’s been here now long enough. Until Victor gets back, he’ll be the main guy inside at the slot position. It’s a chance for him to shine and step forward and do the things that we believe he can do and then whoever else shows up. I think we want to see what Louis Murphy can do outside, but really it’s JJ inside is the guy that… It’s going to be a great opportunity for him."

On Murphy, the wide receiver signed as a free agent:

"He gives us some speed and we're excited about seeing that ... So I think we're looking forward to seeing what he can do as well, but certainly on the film what you see is a guy that can run."

On first-round pick Justin Pugh:

"I think the thing that I liked was Pugh showed some aggressiveness and competitiveness. I think the fact that he went aggressively ... One of those guys kind of like a Rich Seubert ... The one less shove they've got to get in there. That's not a bad thing to see and the temperament of an offensive lineman. So you saw a kid that had good feet and then you also saw a guy that maybe had the right makeup as well."