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New York Giants' news, 5/13: It's a Damontre Moore Monday

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New York Giants news and notes for Monday.

Damontre Moore
Damontre Moore

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here are your Monday links.

Damontre Moore, New York Giants rookie defensive end, plans to improve practice and weight room work ethic -

Guilty as charged.

That is Damontre Moore’s admission to reports he was not exactly the hardest worker during his time at Texas A&M. Not long after the Giants took the pass-rushing defensive end in the third round of the NFL Draft, coach Tom Coughlin said the rep on Moore was that he was great on Saturdays but not so great the other days of the week.

Translation: Moore gave his all during games, not so much in practice or in the weight room.

"That wasn’t one of my strong fortes,’’ Moore said Saturday during Giants rookie mini-camp. "I’m here to work. I’m here to make my weakness my strong point. I’m just ready to get in there and give my all and try to prove people wrong. It’s nothing but motivation.’

Damontre Moore being groomed to be hybrid linebacker/defensive end |

It’s called the "joker" position at Texas A&M, a hybrid linebacker/defensive end role in which Damontre Moore would rush from a stand-up position or with his hand on the ground. Sound familiar? The Giants have turned that job description into an art form with their use of Mathias Kiwanuka the past several seasons, and it seems the team has similar plans for Moore. He certainly has the résumé.

Giants' Justin Pugh ready, willing and able to slide to the right side |

Taylor’s the Name; Toughness, the Game | Inside Football

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