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New York Giants Sign Vet Tryout Frank Okam

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The New York Giants would make the "Where's the Beef" lady proud with all of the stockpiling of defensive tackles they have done this off-season, but you can add one more to the list. The Giants have signed veteran try out Frank Okam.

Okam is listed at 6-foot-5, 350 pounds and has played 5 seasons with three different teams -- the Texans, the Seahawks, and the Buccaneers. According to Pro Football Focus, Okam scored a -5.9 overall in 2011. The Giants have added serious competition to the defensive tackle position during this off-season and through the draft. The position is the most interesting position heading into training camp this off-season and there's a possibility that former second round pick Marvin Austin could be cut--if we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

The Giants current defensive tackles are Linval Joseph, Cullen Jenkins, Shaun Rogers, Johnathan Hankins, Marvin Austin, Markus Kuhn, Mike Patterson, Bobby Skinner, and Okam. It's likely the Giants only carry four, or maybe five with Joseph, Jenkin, and Hankins seemingly the only locks for three of the positions.

The additions of Okam and Curry means that two players will have to be cut on Monday.

In other mini-camp and Giants related news:

Here is a nice piece on Giants third round pick Damontre Moore. Moore is saying all of the right things. Anyone who read the pre-draft coverage here knew that I continued to rank Moore as a top 20 player in this class despite his slow forty yard dash. Hopefully he is mature enough to reach his potential and not just saying the right things, but doing the right things.

Pat Traina gives an overview of the Giants mini-camp. Pat is doing a little bit of driving the hype-train-a (yuck yuck) for this class

There’s something special about this draft class. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I haven’t been this impressed by a draft class since 2007 – and we all know how well that class turned out. What I’m getting at is I could conceivably seeing the bulk of this class contributing as soon as this year, be it at different points.

The coaches have been teaching the rookies the proper technique, and they’re also taking advantage of the players’ versatility to where they’ll have one guy who can play multiple roles. That’s smart coaching and roster building, and that’s why I believe this class might be one of the biggest draft contributors to a Giants team since the Class of 2007.

I like Cooper Taylor’s skill set A LOT. Granted he went up against fellow rookies, and he only worked in basic defensive packages, but there are just some guys who really rise above their competition, and I think Taylor is one of them. I am most interested to see how he holds up against the veterans once OTAs start, but I think he was by far and away the star of the mini-camp on defense.

It's very early, but I could see some validity in that statement. This class is not littered with skilled position players. I think the Giants believe Justin Pugh will win a starting spot on the offensive line either at right tackle of left guard. Their second and third round picks are guys who are specialists of sorts -- Hankins takes up a load of space and the And then from meeting with the media here are the tidbits that stick out for me.

Coach Coughlin

Q: It is not contact drills, but is there anybody unexpected that has jumped out at you the first couple of days?
A: There is a player here and there that flashes. Pretty much every play somebody does something that gets your attention a little bit. But to say any one continuous guy, I think probably that one of the things that continue to grow on you is the way the quarterback (Nassib) is. He responded to a new system – first time ever and was showing some ability to lead in the huddle and the huddle pays attention to him. The offensive line seems to have responded pretty well to him. He is throwing the ball, on occasion, well. But there have been others. The runner (Cox) has looked good on occasion – done some good things. Defensively the front, (Hankins) has made a nice play today. Moore made a play.

Coach Fewell had a death in his family and was not present for today's session.

From Tom Quinn

Q: Is Aaron Rossgoing to be back in the return mix?
A: I’m sure he will be in the mix. We do have to identify someone if they can be a punt returner that can make a difference because that’s something that’s been lagging the last couple of years. In ‘08 and ‘09 we were pretty happy with it. The last couple of years it wasn’t anywhere near where it needs to be, so we’ve got to find someone to step up and take that role.

Any guesses to who that will be. I for one hope that Jernigan gets another opportunity to prove that he learned how to catch the football--and that he also shows that he can do something with it once he does.