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New York Giants News and Notes: Minicamp Day 1 Recap and Other Interesting Notes

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The first day of on-field practices are in the books for the 2013 NFL season. Here is the need to know information from day one. And also the information you might or might not care to know, but I found interesting anyway. has a number of interviews available including interviews with all of the draft picks and Jerry Reese discussing the signing of former Seahawk and Oakland Raider Aaron Curry.

Also for those wondering how Aaron Curry might nave stacked up since being drafted 4th overall by the Seattle Seahawks in 2009. In 2011 his last full season he graded a -6.7 overall which seems bad, but when you break it down further he had -.7 in run defense, a -2.4 in pass rush, and a -3.0 in penalty. He was a 0 (which is considered average) in pass coverage.

Curry had a few games where he was dominant scoring a 1.8 or higher three times. The Giants entire linebacking unit had 4 games with a score over 1.8. Curry's -.7 in run defense is also much better than Blackburns -7.1, or Boley's -4.5. While Curry has been a disappointment as a high draft pick, he is sadly, probably an upgrade to what the Giants had at linebacker last year.

Also, with the Curry signing the Giants now have three first round picks at linebacker and two top ten picks at linebacker (Curry, Rivers). Sure they weren't good enough to stay with their original teams, but a top ten pick is a top ten pick and if I know anything about first round picks the Giants should easily now have the best linebacker corps in the league.

Kevin Gilbride has an interesting take on the Victor Cruz situation from

Q:Victor Cruz wouldn’t be out here anyway, but is it kind of a headache until he signs?
A: I guess I have great confidence that it’s going to get done, so I don’t give it a lot of thought because I know he wants to be here, I know we want him to be here, the people that have to resolve that does not include me, and I’ll be honest with you I’m kind of excited until he gets back. I’m certainly looking forward to him getting back. I don’t want to give any impression contrary to that, but certainly I’m looking forward to seeing Jerrel Jernigan and what he can do inside. I think it’s about time that he steps up and I think we feel he has enough ability and he’s been here now long enough. Until Victor gets back, he’ll be the main guy inside at the slot position. It’s a chance for him to shine and step forward and do the things that we believe he can do and then whoever else shows up. I think we want to see what Louis Murphy can do outside, but really it’s JJ inside is the guy that… It’s going to be a great opportunity for him.

I know nothing of the Giants plans for Victor Cruz, but I don't think they're going to cave on the price they have set for him and would be okay with letting him go if it ever came to that, but I'll try not to get ahead of myself here, especially since I'm just guessing.

The Newark Ledger has the entire mini-camp roster. Matt Mcants is the only 2012 draft pick at the rookie mini-camp. Other interesting names to note are TE Michael Palmer (veteran tryout from Clemson)--Gilbride singled him out as a guy who had good day. Michael Jasper out of Bethel Tennessee. He was drafted by the Bills in the 7th round as a DL--he is 6'4 375 pounds. Do a google image search for him and check out the picture of him being a lead blocker--good stuff. Linebacker Jake Muasau is back as well.

Pat Trainia has a recap of the 1st day of practice.

It’s early, but a guy who seemed to be especially active was LB Charleus Dieusel (UDFA, Mount Union). He showed a good first step and in pass rushing drills, he had very little wasted motion in going for the strip. I’m not sure if there will be room for him on the final 53, and again, it’s early, but he’s one of the players who stood out in the morning workout and I could see him possibly becoming a mainstay on special teams this summer

Interestingly, Gilbride said his star of the first day was tight end Michael Palmer (veteran tryout, Clemson). I agree with the pick, as I don’t think I saw Palmer, a four-year veteran, drop a single pass in both practices. And I also wouldn’t be surprised if he’s somehow added to the roster if he has another strong showing on Saturday.

I can't remember if this has been linked yet,but Chad Jones has retired from football to pursue baseball.

There are three things to note from Ralph Vacchiano and one from Tom Rock.