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Thank you very much, Matt Dodge!

Yes, Giants' fans, now you have to live with this. Just when you had almost forgotten the name Matt Dodge along comes a contest that names the DeSean Jackson game-winning punt return the greatest play in NFL history.

Al Bello

I really hate to do this to you guys -- and you will probably want my head for doing it -- but a certain play none of you probably ever want to speak of again has been voted as the greatest play in NFL history in the NFL Bracketology contest.

I didn't need the reminder, and I know you didn't, either. There it is, however. What I won't do here is torture you with the video. You can find it if you have to -- and if you are on the Giants' side of this one I don't know why you would.

Matt Dodge, wherever you are, this is a memory no one connected with the Giants can thank you for.