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New York Giants: What is left for Giants to do in free agency?

The New York Giants have made several low-budget moves in free agency and would appear to be pretty much done shopping. Is there anything left for them to do?

Rolando McClain
Rolando McClain

Most of our attention these days is focused on the 2013 NFL Draft, which is now less than three weeks away. Let's not forget, however, that there are still many veteran players out there looking for jobs. So, is there anything left for the New York Giants to do in free agency before the draft comes along?

Let's take a look.

Resolve the Victor Cruz Situation

This is really the big one. Of course, right now the ball is basically in Cruz's court. The Giants have placed a first-round RFA tender worth $2.879 million on Cruz that he has not signed. They have also reportedly made him an offer worth $7 million per year (length unknown) that he hasn't signed.

From the comments made by the Giants' brass, specifically co-owner John Mara, the organization doesn't seem inclined to go beyond the offer already on the table. Just a guess here, but maybe Cruz is willing to push this to full-fledged unrestricted free agency next off-season and see what happens.

Right Tackle

Tyson Clabo, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, Andre Smith, formerly of the Cincinnati Bengals, and Eric Winston, formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs, are all still on the market. To this point it appears that the Giants have not expressed interest in any of them.

There remains, though, a school of thought that, despite the presence of David Diehl and James Brewer, the Giants could still explore acquiring a veteran right tackle. I'm not buying -- at least not right now.

Reading the tea leaves I believe offensive tackle could be a position the Giants address in the draft (D.J. Fluker, maybe?). If that doesn't happen perhaps the Giants wait until later in the summer, check in on the health of Sean Locklear (knee surgery) and look to acquire veteran depth with Diehl and Brewer competing for the job.


I keep reading speculation (mostly from fans on Twitter) about the Giants looking into signing former Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher or former Oakland Raiders middle linebacker Rolando McClain, at one time a player many thought the Giants would or should trade up to draft.

Again, I'm not buying. Urlacher would be little more than a one-year solution -- a stop-gap -- and that is what Dan Connor was signed for. McClain has proven to be a good run defender during three NFL seasons, but not a good teammate. He has had a series of run-ins with both the Raiders and the law. I can't see him fitting into a Tom Coughlin locker room. If you want McClain with the Giants, I suggest you read this from Silver and Black Pride before you start banging the table to put him in a Giants' uniform.

Karlos Dansby, formerly of the Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins, is still on the market. Perhaps Dansby would be a post-draft possibility if the Giants are unable to add a player they like in the first two days of the draft.

Anything else

You can argue that the Giants could use depth at defensive end, corner or safety. Considering the market, and the salary cap, I think the Giants wait until after the draft, see what they are able to add, and see what is available on the market this summer.