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2013 Undrafted Free Agents: Who will most likely make the Giants 53-man roster?

Will any of the undrafted free agents the Giants will reportedly bring to camp end up making the 53-man roster?

Alonzo Tweedy makes a tackle
Alonzo Tweedy makes a tackle
Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE
The 2013 NFL Draft is over and the New York Giants have collected their undrafted free agents. Questions of course start flying as to how each of these players will make an impact on the team. Below is my look at these players and who I think will have a better chance at making the 53-man roster.

Alonzo Tweedy - LB/S - Virginia Tech
From what I've seen of Tweedy is that he is a solid linebacker, but is also great on special teams. He wasn't primarily a starter at Virginia Tech, but was used in punt coverage where everyone considered him an ace. I can see him making the 53-man roster with the special teams and possibly be given more to do as the season rolls along.

Etienne Sabino - LB - Ohio State
Sabino is a very solid player and has incredible athleticism. However, sometimes his decision-making can be questionable. Sabino will probably make the roster, but what is role will be is hard to say. Will he play special teams with a few snaps at linebacker, be starting linebacker, or stay on special teams? It's the position the Giants have so many questions for every season.

Chase Clement - TE - LSU
Clement is a solid blocking tight end who could develop as a receiving one. The Giants have a handful of tight ends on their roster, including the veteran Bear Pascoe and the third round pick last year Adrien Robinson. As of right now I don't see Clement making the roster. He'll have much to learn.

Charles James - DB - Charleston Southern
James is 5-foot-9 and 184 pounds and has the Charleston Southern single-season record for interceptions in a season (six in 2011). He's also a two-time FCS All American cornerback. The Giants need help desperately at cornerback and if he proves he can play he'll be on the roster. I see him making the roster.

Charles Dieuseul - LB - Mount Union
Dieuseul was a solid linebacker at Mount Union, but he may not transition at linebacker in the NFL right away. There could be a spot for him on special teams, but nothing more than that.

Marcus Davis - WR - Virginia Tech
Davis was originally predicted as a late-round draft pick. Obviously he went undrafted and the Giants signed him. He has great athleticism but his consistency comes into question. I think there's a 50/50 chance Davis makes the roster.

Those are my opinions on this year's UDFA class. Which player do you see most likely making the roster? Cast your vote below.

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