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Valentine's Views: NFL Draft, and some other stuff

A few random thoughts for your Sunday reading pleasure.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods
Andrew Redington

Here are some random thoughts for a Sunday as we continue waiting anxiously for the 2013 NFL Draft to get here.

- This draft shapes up as potentially the most intriguing and unpredictable in recent memory, at least in all the years I have been writing here at Big Blue View.

Nobody really knows what anyone will do, including the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 1. What curveball will the Jacksonville Jaguars throw the draft at No. 2? How many teams will pull the trigger on a group of questionable quarterbacks in Round 1? Which linebacker prospects will fall, and who will bang the table for Manti Te'o? Which guard comes off the board first, Chance Warmack of Alabama or Jonathan Cooper of North Carolina? How far will defensive tackle Star Lotulelei of Utah fall? After Dee Milliner of Alabama, what order do cornerbacks come off the board, and how early?

So many questions without answers, and so much disagreement in the scouting community over the value of prospects at so many positions. If you are a draftnik the first round on Thursday, April, 25, and maybe the second round the following night, will be edge of your seat sports entertainment.

- I am as tired of the whole Victor Cruz situation as everybody else is, but it's not ending any time soon. One thing, though -- I can't imagine Cruz doing anything other than playing a full season for the Giants in 2013.

Non-Football Thoughts

- I know exactly the pain Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers felt Friday night. I have torn my Achilles Tendon twice. If you've never done it, it feels like somebody kicking you, as Bryant thought might have happened, or taking a tennis racket and smashing the frame into the back of your leg. It's an instant injury, and when you do it you know it's not good. I have never been a big fan of Bryan't, but I have to admit I have admired the Herculean effort he put forth down the stretch this season with the messed-up Lakers. Let's hope he makes it back.

- My thought on the whole Tiger Woods' illegal drop fiasco is this. I am a fan of greatness. I am glad he was allowed to continue in the tournament and, in all honesty, I would love to see him play one of the greatest rounds of his life on Sunday and done the green jacket.

- The triple play the New York Yankees pulled off Friday night against the Baltimore Orioles was one of the coolest baseball plays I've ever seen. And I loved the jubilant, boyish reaction by Yankees' players after the play. Sometimes sports can still be just plain fun.