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NFL news: Julian Edelman staying in New England

Julian Edelman won't join the Giants. Read about that and more NFL news in an afternoon notebook.

Julian Edelman
Julian Edelman

Wide receiver Julian Edelman, who made a free agent visit to the New York Giants recently, has opted to return to the New England Patriots, where he spent the first four years of his NFL career.

Edelman, who has 69 career receptions, would have been a nice addition to the Giants' receiving corps, probably providing competition for Jerrel Jernigan as the backup slot receiver for Victor Cruz. The fact that he is going back to New England, reportedly on a one-year deal, can't really be considered a surprise. Or, really, a loss for the Giants.

More News

- Free-agent running back Tim Hightower has reportedly not yet worked out for the Giants. Chris Russell wrote via Twitter that "the holdup is unclear."

- You might want to cancel the 'bring Roland McClain to the Giants' rallies. Adam Schefter is reporting that McClain is near a deal to join the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.