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2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Walter Stewart, DE, Cincinnati


Here at Big Blue View there has been a lot of chatter about Florida State defensive end Tank Carradine who many have speculated could have been a top 10 pick if it were not for a ACL tear, but today we're going to look look at a player who has a ton of talent, but for a brief time in November ended his career due to a degenerative back injury.

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He's a length and explosive athlete who fires out of his stance and plays with good pad leverage. and uses active hands to fight off blockers. He has good flexibility and plus closing speed to make a play on the quarterback once he beats the offensive linemen. He has promising ability to drop back into coverage if he's asked to at the NFL level. Stewart play with good instincts and was considered a leader of the Bearcats defense.

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As of today he's undersized for a 43 defensive end at 6'4 243 pounds, but he could add more weight to be a player who can play like Osi Umeniyora. His medical concern is obviously a big risk,

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Player comparison: Bryan Thomas (, Osi Umeniyora (Me)

Does He Fit With The Giants?

His ideal position is probably a 3-4 outside linebacker, unless teams are confident he can add enough weight to consistently play defensive end, which I do. I think he can add enough weight to be a good pass rushing 4-3 defensive end from the right defensive end spot only.

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Final Thought

Mike Mayock said about Stewart that if he was healthy he would be a top 10 pick that should speak to how talented he is. Teams will have to do their due diligence on Stewart, but he's the type of athlete who could be a difference maker and that's where NFL games are won. There are plenty of solid NFL players, but few are consistent difference makers, Stewart has that kind of ability and is probably the best kept secret in the NFL Draft.

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