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New York Giants' news 4/1: Just sign the deal, Victor

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New York Giants news for Monday morning, mostly regarding Victor Cruz.

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! A few notes from the beach for you, prepped during some Sunday evening down time here along the ocean.

Let's begin with some chatter about wide receiver Victor Cruz, and how he should handle his contract situation with the Giants.

In a column on Sunday, Gary Myers of the Daily News said Cruz would be "foolish" not to sign the reported $7 million per year offer the Giants have extended to him, choosing instead to either hold out or sign the $2.879 RFA tender the Giants placed on him. Myers wrote:

Victor Cruz earned his opportunity with the Giants in the summer of 2011 after Steve Smith suffered a serious knee injury late the previous season, but now Cruz risks losing a huge payday if he doesn’t go to school on what happened with Smith.

Cruz, a restricted free agent, has been offered a long-term deal by the Giants that the Daily News has reported is worth more than $7 million per year with significant guaranteed money, which is a nice pay raise for an undrafted free agent whose base salaries the last two years totalled $990,000 as he was catching 168 passes from Eli Manning. As long as the structure is favorable, Cruz would be foolish to turn down that money and security.

Pro Football Talk saw the Myers piece, and disagreed.

Cruz has a way to minimize his risk. He can hold out until Week 10, sign the restricted free agency tender then, make $1.19 million for the balance of the year (which is much more than he has made in any one season during his career), and then become an unrestricted free agent in 2014 — or get more than $10 million under the franchise tag.

Cruz didn’t make it this far in his career by running from risk. So to balance out Myers’ advice that Smith should take the money and the security that comes with it, we say this: Hold out until you get what you deserve, even if that means playing only seven-regular season games for $1.19 million.

Valentine's View: I'm with Myers on this one. It's hard for those of us out in the real world imagining anyone balking at $7 annually, or even being all that upset with $2.879, to be honest. If Cruz wants to run the risk of signing the tender, getting hurt in 2013 and blowing his shot at a big-money when one is already on the table, that's dumb. If he wants to hold out for more than half the season like PFT suggests, and alienate the Giants organization and the fan base that has idolized him, that's probably worse than dumb. My advice to Cruz would be to sign the deal, which is more than anyone else playing his position is making. If he doesn't, and something bad happens to him, he has only himself to blame.

Here is one other Giants' note for today.

Free agent WR Domenik Hixon visiting Carolina Panthers on Monday |
Hixon, a part of two Super Bowl-winning teams with the Giants, visited Oakland last week and also has drawn interest from Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

If he signs with Carolina, Hixon would replace Louis Murphy in what would amount to a swap of No. 3 wideouts. Murphy, who held that role for the Panthers last season, recently signed with the Giants as a free agent.