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2013 NFL Free Agency Rumors: Michael Bennett 'probably done' in Tampa Bay

If Michael Bennett is done in Tampa Bay, does that have any free agency implications for his brother, Martellus, who is heading to free agency after catching 55 passes for the Giants last season?

Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett

Martellus Bennett has been quoted as saying that if he does not re-sign with the New York Giants as a free agent his preference would be to join forces with his brother, defensive end Michael Bennett.

Connecting the dots, the logical conclusion has been then that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be the most likely landing spot for Bennett if he leaves the Giants. That is where Michael, 27, has been the past four seasons, they have oodles of cap room and their offensive coordinator is former Giants' quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan.

Michael Bennett is also an unrestricted free agent, however, and a report has surfaced that he is "probably done" with the Buccaneers. The Tampa Bay Times says Michael Bennett is "bound to have a higher market value to other teams than he does to the Bucs."

That, if correct, would seemingly lessen the likelihood of a Bennett brothers reunion. Michael Bennett, who had nine sacks last season, is possibly the best defensive end on the free-agent market. The Giants, however, don't have the salary cap space to get into a bidding war, so it would seem far-fetched, at best, to think that reunion could happen in New York.

If he can't join forces with his brother in Tampa Bay you wonder if that might increase the chance Bennett, who has often talked about how much he enjoyed playing for the Giants, would take less money than he might get elsewhere to stay with the Giants.

At the least, it's worth keeping an eye on.