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2013 NFL Free Agency: Best off-season signings by Jerry Reese

A look back at some of the best free-agent signings by Giants' GM Jerry Reese.

Stephen Dunn

Jerry Reese came into power as the general manager of the New York Giants in 2007. He's had a run of very good rookie drafts including first-round picks like Kenny Phillips, Hakeem Nicks, Jason Pierre-Paul, Prince Amukamara, and David Wilson. Reese has also had a good string of free-agent signings to help bring the Giants to the two Super Bowl victories under his tenure.

Here is a look at the best off-season free-agent signings during Reese's tenure as Giants' GM.

[Note: This list does not include undrafted free agents or players who re-signed with the team. This list is also in no particular order]

Antrel Rolle

Rolle signed a contract with the Giants in 2010 and his talking seemed to overshadow his play on the field. In 2011 he began to embrace Coughlin's style of coaching and started to play like the safety everyone knew he was. He's also used his outspoken ways to help motivate the team in the last two years, whether it's talking after a win or a loss. Some find Rolle's ways of talking a little unsettling, but he's one of the few who will speak the truth about what's going on and what needs to change. Aside from great production on the field he brings a leadership voice, which is something the Giants need.

David Baas

The Giants signed Baas in 2011. He battled some injuries here and there, but was a key player to winning Super Bowl XLVI and showed his value in 2012. If he can stay healthy in 2013 he will be a big piece to keep that offensive line solid.

Steve Weatherford

Do you remember Matt Dodge? Nope, me neither. Thanks to Weatherford fans can erase that from their mind. After Jeff Feagles retired the Giants needed a punter to fill his shoes. Dodge was clearly not the answer, which makes Weatherford all the more important of a signing. Weatherford played one of the biggest roles in the playoffs in 2011 and still gave the same production in 2012.

Martellus Bennett

After winning Super Bowl XLVI, tight ends Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum suffered ACL tears leaving Bear Pascoe the only healthy tight end. Reese went and signed Bennett from the Dallas Cowboys and he filled in with the offense very nicely. Bennett proved to be a a solid blocking tight end and as the weeks went along he became a better catching tight end. Bennett is a free agent right now and I think it's important the Giants bring him back.

Stevie Brown

Brown became a nice surprise for the Giants in 2012. He finished 2012 with eight interceptions which is tied for second most in all of the NFL. He also returned those interceptions for 307 yards, averaging 38 yards per return. Kenny Phillips is a free agent this year and is likely gone, but Brown and Will Hill can fill in the role nicely.

Chris Canty

Despite being released recently, Canty made a big contribution to the team since the Giants signed him in 2009. He battled injuries, but was a starter in the Giants recent Super Bowl XLVI victory and was a key contributor to the defense stepping its game up when it mattered most.

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