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Pro Football Focus: Giants' best, worst values in 2012

Pro Football Focus says Will Beatty was the Giants' best value in 2012, while Corey Webster was their worst.

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Antrel Rolle (left) and Corey Webster.
Antrel Rolle (left) and Corey Webster.
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Pro Football Focus has come up with another way to measure player value, something they called 'Performance Based Value.' At its core, it is a way to measure player performance against player salary.

You shouldn't be surprised by PFF's findings for the New York Giants.

The three best values? Offensive tackle, Will Beatty, defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and defensive tackle Linval Joseph. Making $850,000 a season ago PFF says Beatty performed like an $8 million per year player. That puts the five-year $38.75 million contract Beatty just signed right in the ballpark of his actual value.

The three worst values? Cornerback Corey Webster, safety Antrel Rolle and defensive tackle Chris Canty. Webster's cap hit was $9.3 million, and he played at a $1.1 million value, per PFF. That is an astounding $8.2 million difference. Rolle had a value differential of -$8 million and Canty -$5.1 million.

For me, Webster is obvious. Rolle is harder to quantify because the Giants signed him to be a play-making deep safety and they have used him as a slot corner much of the time. So, they are paying him to do one thing and asking him to do another.

Thoughts, Giants' fans?