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2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Margus Hunt, DL, SMU


Today for our 2013 NFL Draft prospect profile series we're going to take a look at Margus Hunt who plays for Sourthern Methodist University. Hunt is an intriguing physical specimen and should come off the board somewhere in the first two rounds.

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Great, size/speed combination 6-foot-8, 277 pounds and ran a 4.60 40-yard dash. Hunt is an Olympic caliber athlete who gave up his dream of going to the Olympics and joined the football team after the Southern Methodist University track team didn't pan out (Hunt is Estonian). Hunt has a good motor, and should immediately bolster special teams--his nick name is the "Eastern Block" because of his ability to block field goals. Hunt is functionally strong (38 bench press reps), and could develop into a terrific run defender.

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Even though he is a great linear athlete, he doesn't possess uncommon flexibility and will struggle to gain leverage on offensive linemen. Hunt is already 25 years old today, which makes him older than most prospects. Though he was productive on special teams he wasn't overly productive in other areas. He's not a great open field tackler and doesn't play with consistency.

Player comparison: Calais Campbell (mine, and, Corey Wooton (

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Does He Fit With The Giants?

Yes, but I don't think it would be his best fit. Hunt has a lot of physical ability, but to me his best position would be playing in a 34 defense in a role similar to Calais Campell. He's so strong and athletic he can be a nightmare who can not only take up two blockers, but at times, make plays because of his straight line speed, but I'm not convinced he'll be a consistent pass rushing threat from the 43 defensive end.

Prospect Video

From @jmpasq, but I should mention this is probably Hunt's best game in his college career so he looks even better here than he has consistently in his career.

Big Board Rankings

CBS Sports-49th

National Football Post-96th

Mocking the Draft-53rd

Sports Illustrated-outside the top 40

Big Blue View Board-

Final Thought

Margus Hunt might be the best pure athletic freak in the entire draft class. This is after all a man who is 6-8 and nearly 270 pounds who ran a 4.60 forty yard dash, but unfortunately being a great athlete doesn't always mean being a great football player. I'm a bit weery of prospects who are older because I personally feel that guys who are 25/26 years old are in their prime of their lives and will not be ascending into more athleticism as their career's progress. Still Hunt is a unique physical specimen who has had dominating stretches in between long periods of disappearing. I think the Giants aren't his best fit, but I do trust a coaching staff more like Coughlin's, a staff that will need to be patient to teach Hunt how to play football at the NFL level more so than many other coaching staffs and I think it's important for Hunt he ends up in a good situation.

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