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David Diehl Contract: Giants, veteran lineman agree to pay cut

The New York Giants and David Diehl have reportedly agreed to a new contract, something that had been rumored for a while now.

David Diehl
David Diehl

Mayeb you consider this good news. Maybe you consider it bad news. Either way, it appears David Diehl and the New York Giants have finally come to an agreement regarding the veteran offensive lineman's contract, singinficantly slicing Diehl's pay.

Diehl was scheduled to make $4.475 million in base salary for 2013 with a total salary cap hit of $6.825 million. The move gives the Giants some salary-cap breathing space as they try to sign restricted free agent wide receiver Victor Cruz to a long-term contract. That, of course, is good news.

It means also, of course, that the Giants intend to have Diehl back on the roster in 2013. I know many of you will consider that bad news. It does, however, give the Giants more roster flexibility. Like it or not, a player who has the ability to play four positions on the line has value.