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Reminder about 'FanPosts' and 'FanShots'

Feel free to express yourself in the 'FanPosts.'
Feel free to express yourself in the 'FanPosts.'
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

'FanPosts' and 'FanShots,' your opportunities to express yourself in more depth or in ways you can't when commenting on a front-page post, have become greatly under-utlized around here in recent months.

I wanted to remind you guys to feel free to express yourselves at any time using both of these features. 'FanPosts' can be particularly useful, allowing you to fully articulate your thoughts or opinions on topics you are interested in or feel strongly about.

When you create a 'FanPost" I ask only that you try to adhere to the Community Guidelines, the same as I ask when you comment. As hard as it is to police with the incredible growth we have experienced, our continued effort to make this a place for mature discussion of the Giants is one of the things that separates Big Blue View from other sites.

Back to 'FanPosts' specifically, though.I would love to front page more of these -- and I know I haven't always been good about paying attention and front-paging deserving posts. Use the 'Recommend' link or shoot a quick e-mail to to let me know if something is worthy of being promoted.