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NFL Power Rankings: What ESPN, think of New York Giants

ESPN and are out with off-season pre-NFL Draft power rankings. Read on to see how the Giants fared in those polls.


NFL Power Rankings are basically meaningless. Especially when it comes to off-season ones done when teams are not yet close to fully assembled. They do, however generate some discussion and give you an idea what others think of the NFL power structure.

That said, both ESPN and released off-season pre-NFL Draft power rankings on Tuesday. Let's see how the New York Giants fared in those rankings.

ESPN ranks the Giants 14th. It says: "No eye-popping pickups, but no crushing losses either. No reason to think they can't go 9-7 again."

Valentine's View: A 9-7 record -- again -- would likely drive the fan base crazy. Even if it turned out to be good enough to win the NFC East, which is was two seasons ago. ranks the Giants 11th. It says: "Death by a thousand paper cuts? The New York Giants are hemorrhaging players, or so it seems. Ahmad Bradshaw ... gone. Osi Umenyiora ... gone. Kenny Phillips ... ditto. Chris Canty ... ditto ditto. Yet, can you say Big Blue is really worse? GM Jerry Reese added some small pieces, with dollars earmarked for guard Kevin Boothe and/or receiver Victor Cruz."

Valentine's View: "Death by a thousand paper cuts?" "Hemorrhaging players?" What is's Elliot Harrison talking about? The Baltimore Ravens are hemorrhaging players. The Giants? I will stand by the fact that, for the most part, I like what the Giants have done in free agency.

I understand that the offensive line is unsettled. Free agent Kevin Boothe could still return, however. And there is the 2013 NFL Draft yet to come. "Hemorrhaging players" is, from where I sit, way off base.

Your thoughts, Giants' fans?

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