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Cullen Jenkins: Time with Eagles an 'epic fail'

Cullen Jenkins recently talked about his past with the Philadelphia Eagles and his future with the New York Giants during a visit on WFAN.

Cullen Jenkins
Cullen Jenkins
Alex Trautwig

An "epic fail." That is what New York Giants defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins calls the two playoff-less seasons he spent with the Philadelphia Eagles before joining the Giants recently via free agency. Jenkins made his remarks recently on WFAN and Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript.

' ... it's [his time in Philly] gonna be remembered as an epic fail." - Cullen Jenkins

"We just didn't come together like we were supposed to. Any time you bring in especially high-priced free agents like we did - you see a lot of that going on now with free agency - guys are gonna be expected to produce and win, and winning is the most important thing, and unfortunately we weren't able to do that," Jenkins said. "And any time you're not able to win, that's gonna be how you're remembered. And for us, we weren't able to win so it's gonna be remembered as an epic fail."

Jenkins, 32, told WFAN that after being released by the Eagles he visited five teams before deciding to join the Giants on a three-year, $8 million contract.

"You've got a good defense, especially defensive front. I'm familiar with the defensive line coach, great quarterback. Just a rich history here," Jenkins said. "And it didn't hurt, too, that it's just right up the street from where we are now. I think it was just a overall better fit for us."

The Giants hope that Jenkins, who has 38.5 sacks in a nine-year career, can both help their pass rush and stabilize their run defense. The Giants have also added middle linebacker Dan Connor, cornerback Aaron Ross and safety Ryan Mundy to their defense via free agency -- losing Chris Canty, Michael Boley, Kenny Phillips and Chase Blackburn.

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