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BBV 2013 Community Mock Draft: With 3rd pick, Oakland Raiders select ...

The 2013 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft continues today. We have reached the third overall selection, which belongs to the Oakland Raiders.

Star Lotulelei
Star Lotulelei

The Oakland Raiders could do almost anything with the third pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. In our Big Blue View Community Mock Draft, 'BigBlue1989' is playing the role of general manager. With the third overall selection in our mock draft, 'BigBlue1989' chose Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah for the Raiders.

In all honestly as I was writing the reason for my pick, the Raiders signed Pat Sims, DT from the Bengals. However, I feel that Lotulelei is a prospect that Oakland can't miss. After a horrific run defense (among many, many other things) doomed their season seemingly before it began, the Silver and Black need a stout run defender, and with Lotulelei's size and power, he could be a starter come day one. Honestly, I would expect the Raiders to try and trade down with the pick after signing Sims, and attempting to draft someone like Ansah and Werner in the mid-first round, and picking up a second round pick (which they lack). Regardless, Lotulelei will be expected to contribute to developing this team in the post-Al Davis era.
Valentine's View: Provided Lotulelei passes all the health tests after being found with a heart condition that prevented him from working out at the NFL combine this is a terrific pick for the Raiders.

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