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Kenny Phillips Signing: Ex-Giant lands with Philadelphia Eagles

Kenny Phillips has joined the Philadelphia Eagles
Kenny Phillips has joined the Philadelphia Eagles
Jamie Squire

The Philadelphia Eagles swooped in Thursday and signed now former New York Giants safety Kenny Phillips to a one-year contract. It was one of two moves the Eagles made Thursday to bolster their secondary.

Here is how SB Nation's Eagles web site, Bleeding Green Nation, reacted to the move:

Phillips is the most intriguing move here because when healthy he's arguably one of the most promising young safeties in football. Problem is, he hasn't been healthy nearly enough. Last season Phillips played only 7 games. He also missed all but 2 games of his sophomore season in the league.

He did manage 15 games in 2011 and all 16 in 2010. But with knees, which are where his problems are, you really never know. But on a one year deal, obviously the Eagles have their downside protected. I think this qualifies as that old "low risk, high reward" move.

Phillips was the Giants' first-round pick in 2007. He remains a good player, although a health risk.

How much do you think the Giants will miss him? And how much does it hurt to see him land with a division rival?