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Victor Cruz free agency rumors: Giants' wide receiver could cash in

The National Football Post speculates that Victor Cruz could be the highest paid of all free-agent wide receivers this off-season, if he can get any offers as a restricted free agent. Where might that offer come from?

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz could wind up "the highest paid of all" free-agent wide receivers, if the New York Giants star -- a restricted free agent -- can even get an offer from another team, the National Football Post speculated Sunday morning.

When the 'tampering window' opened on Friday we discussed Cruz, listing five teams who could consider making a play for the Giants' salsa-dancing star.

One team not on our list was the St. Louis Rams, but there has been some talk that the Rams -- with two first-round picks and a need for wide receivers -- could be interested in making a run at Cruz.

Ryan Van Bibber, editor of SB Nation's Rams web site, Turf Show Times, does not see St. Louis as a realistic bidder for Cruz.

"I highly doubt it. They don't have a ton of cap space (maybe $14 million right now), and a front-loaded deal like that would hit them kind of hard," he wrote via e-mail.

Van Bibber also expressed his thoughts on Cruz to the Rams in more detail at TST.

Another potential bidder for Cruz is the San Francisco 49ers. David Fucillo of Niners Nation, SB Nation's 49ers web site, wrote recently that chasing Cruz is "something that could make some measure of sense" for the 49ers.

Will someone actually be willing to pony up the draft pick and the mountain of cash it will take to try and pry Cruz away from the Giants? Stay tuned because Cruz is not your run-of-the-mill RFA.