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Ramses Barden rumors: Potential free-agent suitors

Ramses Barden seems to expect to leave the New York Giants via free agency. We take a guess at places he could possibly end up.

Ramses Barden
Ramses Barden
Stephen Dunn

Since wide receiver Ramses Barden has pretty much acknowledged that he is done with the New York Giants, and since one of the favorite pastimes around these parts for years has been discussing the 6-foot-6, 230-pound receiver, let's talk about potential free-agent destinations for Barden.

Here are five teams I thought of right away as potential suitors for Barden.

Carolina Panthers -- Former Giants' pro personnel director Dave Gettleman is now the general manager in Carolina. Beyond the veteran Steve Smith Carolina really has no quality wide receivers for quarterback Cam Newton to throw to. Whether or not Gettleman, whose job included evaluating the players on the Giants' roster while he was in New York, pursues Barden will tell us an awful lot about what personnel people who know him best really think of the 2009 third-round pick. Plus, Barden did have the best game of his career against the Panthers so he might be an easy sell to the fan base.

Jacksonville Jaguars -- Well, the Jaguars (2-14) stunk in 2012. They have Justin Blackmon, who caught 64 passes as a rookie, but really no one else for whoever quarterbacks them to throw to. Why not Barden?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Former Giants wide receivers and quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan is the offensive coordinator in Tampa Bay. Sullivan spent several seasons working closely with Barden, so if he believes there is untapped ability there why wouldn't the Bucs take a shot with Barden?

Oakland Raiders -- Barden is a West Coast guy (Cal-Poly) and Oakland's second-leading receiver in 2012 was a running back (Marcel Reese), so they need players on the outside. This seems like a natural fit.

San Francisco 49ers -- Another West Coast team that could use an additional receiver on the outside.

Thoughts, Giants' fans? Can you see other potential landing spots for Barden? Or,could you care less where he goes if he leaves New York?