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Giants on Twitter: Best players to follow

Which Giants' players do you like to follow on Twitter? Kelsey lists some of her favorites.

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As someone who uses Twitter to get their news and just for good sports conversation, I make sure to follow New York Giants players, current and former. If you are on Twitter, here is a list of players to follow and why.

Steve Weatherford - @Weatherford5

Weatherford is my favorite Giants player to follow. The guy's personality is through the roof, and he embraces the Giants fanbase. He expresses on Twitter how much he loves to be a Giant and that they have the best fans in the world. Plus he posts pictures of his kids, who are too cute.

Markus Kuhn - @themarkuskun

I like to follow Markus because he will tweet some of the most random things where you ask yourself, "What does that mean?" but you laugh anyway. Plus, he's another who praises the Giants fan base.

Henry Hynoski - @HenryHynoski

Hynoski is just another player who loves his fans. He uses Twitter to involve the fans in good conversation and his blog on his web site.

Mark Herzlich - @markherzlich

I like to follow Herzlich because he's good for inspiration, jokes, he has the world's cutest dogs, and as you can see in the tweet below he fought Batman.

Michael Strahan - @michaelstrahan

Why wouldn't you want to follow Strahan? I don't think there needs to be too much explanation here.

Spencer Paysinger - @SpittyP

He's sarcastic and can be a troll, but I think it's hilarious. Paysinger is a good follow.

Terrell Thomas - @TerrellThomas24

I've been following T2 for a couple of years now. What I've learned is he loves his video games, his kids, and Taco Tuesdays.

Jim Cordle - @JimCordle63

If you're a WWE fan, Cordle is a good follow. He's a huge fan of the WWE. My timeline is usually flooded with RAW tweets, and Cordle is among them.

Martellus Bennett - @JoeGryffindor

Following someone who is nicknamed "The Black Unicorn" is well worth it. Bennett is definitely a funny and entertaining follow.

Finally, I'm not a Giants player, but I dress my dog in Giants gear for Christmas.

You can follow Kelsey O'Donnell on Twitter @KelsODonnell