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Super Bowl 2013 Parade: Ravens' fans celebrate, Giants' fans remember

The Baltimore Ravens are celebrating with a Super Bowl parade today. The Giants have done that twice since 2008. Here is your chance to share your memories of those events.

New York Giants fans celebrate at the 2012 Super Bowl parade
New York Giants fans celebrate at the 2012 Super Bowl parade
Al Bello

The 2013 Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens will celebrate their title with a Super Bowl parade on Tuesday. New York Giants' fans know the euphoria Ravens' fans feel today.

Just a year ago thousands of Giants' fans lined the streets of New York City's Canyon of Heroes to celebrate the fourth Super Bowl title in franchise history, or made their way to MetLife Stadium for a post-parade victory ceremony. For that matter, 2008 wasn't all that long ago, either.

Many of you, I'm sure were fortunate enough to be part of one or both of those celebrations. While the Ravens' players and fans celebrate their title, and San Francisco 49ers players continue to whine about the officiating in their Super Bowl loss I thought this would be a great chance for Giants' fans to share their memories of those victory parties.

So, while turning the page and looking toward 2013 let's take this is an opportunity to revel in past glory. Share your stories and your favorite photos of either parade in the comments.

See Baltimore Beatdown for more on the Ravens, and Niners Nation for more on the 49ers. The Baltimore parade, incidentally, steps off at 10:45 a.m. ET