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Michael Strahan snub: Hall of Fame voters got this one wrong

Bill Parcells was rightly selected for the Hall of Fame Saturday. Michael Strahan was wrongly left out.

Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan was, shockingly, not selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013 on Saturday night. As at least one Big Blue View reader sharply noticed, I was so convinced Strahan and Bill Parcells would both make the Hall that I pre-wrote the Hall of Fame story that way, then accidentally published it after the announcement. I had to scramble to change it.

Strahan, according to most reports and his Twitter account, is taking the news pretty well. Saturday night Strahan tweeted:

"Thanks for the HOF tweets," ... "I love you all and I hope I eventually make it in. I look at it as a delayed blessing and I have many now!"

I am not taking the news as well as the former New York Giants defensive end. As Gregg Rosenthal of wrote "It's hard to believe" Strahan and his 141.5 career sacks and seven Pro Bowls were not deemed Hall worthy.

Parcells got in this year, but I remember last year having to listen to reams of excuses from Hall of Fame selection committee members about why he didn't get in. Coaches should never take Hall of Fame spots away from players was a common one.

This year the excuses have already started in relation to the snub of Strahan. Among those floated Saturday night is that there has to be a "pecking order" and that Strahan got bumped because three other players (Warren Sapp, larry Allen and Jonathan Ogden) made it on their first try.


Whatever happened to the best players get elected? Period. Shouldn't that be the criteria? I don't care how many years he waited for selection, and I'm not trying to offend him, but Cris Carter was not a better NFL player than Strahan. Not close. To put him in mostly because he's waited a long time and bypass Strahan is a travesty of justice. Sapp was not a better player than Strahan, either. You can't put everyone in, of course. I get that, but if Sapp is a Hall of Famer so is Strahan.

The only saving grace? The Super Bowl is at Metlife Stadium next season. Strahan should be selected then, and get to celebrate in front of his hometown fans.

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