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New York Giants' Will Beatty signs cap-friendly contract

Will Beatty's long-term contract will only create a $3.55 million salary cap hit for the Giants in 2013.

Will Beatty
Will Beatty

The $38.75 million contract Will Beatty agreed to on Wednesday with the New York Giants makes him a rich man, with $19 million guaranteed -- $12.5 million of that coming in a signing bonus. The contract also turn out to be salary-cap friendly for the Giants -- at least in 2013.

Here is how the deal breaks down:


Notice that the base salary for 2013 is 'only' $1 million and the cap hit is a reasonable $3.55 million. Pretty good for a premier left tackle.

So, where does that put the Giants when it comes to their 2013 cap situation. Spotrac has the Giants at $118.81 million with the cap estimated to be anywhere from $121.1 million to above $123 million for next season.

We looked at the Giants' free-agent situation earlier. The cap room they do have might be enough to get either guard Kevin Boothe or tight end Martellus Bennett under contract, depending on what the final cap number turns out to be.

Obviously, though, the Giants have little wiggle room and need to either restructure more contract or cut more highly-paid veterans. Stay tuned.