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2013 NFL Free Agency: Kevin Boothe wants to stay with the New York Giants

The Giants have signed free-agent left tackle Will Beatty. Kevin Boothe, who played next to Beatty at left guard, is also a free agent. He says he would also like to stay.

Kevin Boothe
Kevin Boothe

The New York Giants just signed left tackle Will Beatty to a long-term deal to help keep the offensive line intact. Another Giant who is entering free agency is guard Kevin Boothe. Boothe was another key piece to the Giants offense in 2012, starting all 16 games.

In an interview on, Boothe admits that he's waiting anxiously as free agency approaches.

"I don't think it's a bad thing, I think it's more anxiety," said Boothe. "You wanna, kind of figure out things. I'll join it, see how it goes, and control the things I can control and see how everything plays out."

Boothe has spent the majority of his seven-year career with the Giants. He was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 2006 and was their starting right guard. He was waived after one season and picked up by New York. Boothe will have his choices come free agency, but he prefers to stay with the Giants.

"I think you want to stay with a very successful organization such as the Giants," said Boothe. "They've done everything for me that I can possibly dream of. They've been incredibly successful and it's a great organization."

Boothe addressed the inconsistency issues that seem to follow the Giants around last season. Though it seems like a continuing problem for the team, Boothe doesn't seem concerned about whether or not Tom Coughlin will figure it out.

"A little inconsistent, but taking steps in the right direction. I thought there were times where we looked very good, and other times where we didn't play up to par, so it's improvement, but we have to figure out that inconsistency on a normal basis and I think we'll do very well," said Boothe. "We have to figure it out. Whatever it is, if it was an easy fix, Coach Coughlin would have figured it out during the season, so it's something that we have to work on, and I'm confident with this group that we'll figure things out in a hurry."

Earlier in the off-season the Giants make some difficult decisions by releasing veterans Ahmad Bradshaw, Chris Canty, and Michael Boley. Boothe was sad to see them go, but understands that the NFL is a business.

"It's tough to get used to that. You see highly successful guys that have to move on, but then you understand that that's the way the NFL is. It's a tough side of the league, and you wish those guys the best. They were three great teammates of ours, so we wish them nothing but the best and I'm sure they'll continue to have highly successful careers."

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