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2013 NFL Combine: How Tom Coughlin evaluates the kids

Giants' coach Tom Coughlin sits in the same spot every year to watch the NFL combine.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

You know that every year New York Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin attends the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. Did you know, though, that he sits in the same seat every year?

Kim Jones of NFL Network sat down with Coughlin during defensive back workouts on Monday and asked why he sits in the same seat eight rows up and four in -- every time he attends the combine.

"At every combine I've ever been to in Indianapolis this is my spot," said Coughlin. "And the reason is, is that I like to be at the 10. I buy into everyone, what the great evaluators of talent tell you, they like to be close so they can see the player and evaluate him. His demeanor as he gets ready to run the 40, I like all that, but it helps me to concentrate and remember by doing the 10s. Most of the time I'm not exactly on the 10, but it's close enough for me."

Coughlin sits eight rows up, four seats in at the 10-yard line every year in Indy

Coughlin has attended the scouting combine every year, and he has noticed how different players coming into the NFL are. In terms of strength and speed, the incoming players just look better as the years come along.

"Bigger, stronger, and faster every year," said Coughlin. "Back in the year when Coach Landry had starting tackles at 265 and 260, and you see these kids today. If I look at a kid who's 300 I go, 'Mmmm, I don't know. Can he play in this league or not?' And they run. That's our game today."

For a fun way to end the interview, Jones asked Coughlin if he thinks about Super Bowl XLVI when he walks into the building.

"When I come into town, I think about that," said Coughlin laughing.

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